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Purple Gatorade To Be Dumped On The Winning Coach Is The Hottest Super Bowl Bet Right Now

Y'all like what you see? You like that color? I hope you do, because you may be seeing it this Sunday after the Super Bowl hits triple zeros. 

14/1 to -133? That's some serious steam coming in on the Super Bowl Gatorade market. It most likely doesn't take a lot to affect this market, but 14/1 to a straight-up favorite is significant. I've heard that the Super Bowl Gatorade line has been taken off sportsbooks worldwide as a lot of them figure out what to do. 

Does somebody know something? Possibly. There have been rumors that Purple has been packed by both the 49ers & Chiefs for Sunday's game....but those are just rumors. My guess is that somebody with inside information has been informed that the Gatorade color will be purple regardless of who wins as a simple tribute to Kobe.

What gives me pause is that I've been through this before. Remember Yorgos? 

Because I certainly do. He didn't end up winning. Everybody was fooled. That's how easy it is to "manipulate" these markets. Why? Because they are smalllllll. Sportsbooks don't care as much as a low-limit prop bet as they do about being right on the spread/total/teasers/etc. That's where the real money is.