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The Grizzlies Suspiciously Didn't Have Hot Water Or Any Water Pressure In Their Showers After The Skirmish With The Knicks

Oh hell yeah. Everyone knows the worst thing in the world is when you get ready to go shower and there's no water pressure and it's all cold. That's something that can ruin your day, even if you got a win on the road and had a little skirmish. As Clem said, that's just old school Knicks. 

Pretty rough night for Ja Morant though. He gets rag dolled by Marcus Morris simply for being there. 

Now the man can't even shower. And to think we were a ping pong ball away from having Ja Morant can be a Knick. Kinda think he's asking for it for being so damn good while playing in MSG too if you ask me. Every Knicks fan knows the deal. 

Call me crazy, but I have an idea. 

Until Dave buys the Knicks, we'll settle for the newest rivalry in all of sports - Grizzles/Knicks. Goddamnit this franchise is the worst.