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Elfrid Payton Brought Back Old School Knicks Basketball By Pushing Jae Crowder Into The First Row After Trying A 3 Late In A Blowout Win


There is the 90s Knicks style of ball I was promised before the season started! Minus all the winning of course. I don't care though because Elfrid Payton finally fulfilled the promise that The Garden would no longer be disrespected. Minus all the losing of course. 

I also appreciate that the terms of engagement have been declared. Not only will the person that offends the Knicks on their home court be dealt with, but their best player will be tossed as far as Marcus Morris deems worthy. Ja Morant was on the wrong end of our Morris Brother and any tweaks to Ja's body should be blamed on Jae Crowder having the unmitigated gall of trying until the final whistle like exactly 0% of the NBA does (Source: Every NHL player, probably) getting a steal and jacking up a three with 48 seconds left (19 on the shot clock) with the game all but over.

Is this the proudest I've been as a Knicks fan this year outside of the two wins against Kristaps Porzingis' Mavericks? I'm leaning somewhere between yes and definitely yes. But fuck it. It finally feels good to be a Knicks fan again*!

*Again, outside of the crippling sadness and nonstop losing

P.S. I will buy an Elfrid Payton jersey this instant if he is currently sitting in front of his locker with a wrench and a broken pipe. True old school Knicks (or more so Red Auerbach Celtics) shit.