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Weird Al's Album Hits Number 1 - Only Him, Michael Jackson, And Madonna Have Had Top 40 Singles The Last 4 Decades

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NYDNThe King of Song Parodies is now the King of Pop — at least for a week. “Weird” Al Yankovic charted his first No. 1 album as his latest satirical disc, “Mandatory Fun,” sold just over 104,000, according to Nielsen/SoundScan. That gave him the win over Jason Mraz, whose new album, “Yes!” sold under 84,000 copies. Yankovic’s work is the first comedy disc to hit Billboard’s No. 1 spot since Allan Sherman’s “My Son, the Nut” all the way back in 1963. “Even the notion of it happening nearly caused my head to expode,” Yankovic told The News. “I never thought it was an option for me as someone making comedy albums.”

We are all witness. The champ is here! First comedy album to reach #1 on the Billboard chart in FIFTY years! Only the third person in music history to have a top 40 hit in 4 different decades. Rubbing elbows with arguably the most successful male and female pop icons of all time. Its Weird Al Yankovic – the GOAT.

I got a serious fucking question right now – what kind of lunatic is buying a Weird Al Yankovic album in the year 2014? Paying for music, period, is absolutely out of the question in my mind these days. But paying for polka parody music from Weird Al Yankovic might actually be the worst use of money I can physically imagine. Lighting it on fire is a better use of money than buying Weird Al’s album. I respect Weird Al and everything he stands for. He’s the ultimate snake and has built a legendary career stealing other people’s work. But the people who are buying that work, I cannot even wrap my mind around it. Its almost unfathomable that anybody would ever buy this entire album with real money and sit around listening to it.