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The Wuhan Coronavirus Has Arrived In Chicago VIA O'HARE AIRPORT

CBS -  CHICAGO, Ill. – A woman in Chicago is infected with the Wuhan coronavirus. This is the second confirmed case in the United States.

The CDC says the woman traveled to Wuhan in late December and re-entered the U.S. through O’Hare International Airport on January 13.

She is in isolation at a Chicago hospital, and she is reported to be well and in stable condition. The CDC said she as not ill while traveling and health authorities do not think she spread the virus during that time. They say she has had "limited close contacts" since returning to the U.S.

1st off - legit T&P's to my brothers in China right now that are going through actual hell. The fact that there's a very real international debate about whether China should be applauded or scolded for "Extreme Disease Prevention Measures" speaks volumes to the (a) severity of the virus and (b) just how fucked up things are on the ground floor. 

Jack Mac blogged some video insights here. 

While Donnie did an awesome job breaking down the entire saga: 

From Donnie's brain: 

On December 31st Chinese authorities alerted the World Health Organization (WHO) that they've had a handful of pneumonia-like cases in the city of Wuhan that they haven't seen before. Flash forward to today and the WHO now knows that this mysterious disease is caused by a previously unknown type of Coronavirus which most likely originated in a local seafood and wildlife market. And it can definitely be spread by human-to-human transmission as since it was first reported it's infected close to 600 people and killed 17 of them.

Very scary stuff, especially for anyone familiar with the new show Pandemic on Netflix, or this scene from the 90's classic, Outbreak:

I imagine at this point and likely well-before you read this blog, you're firmly aware of the Wuhan Coronavirus. You know a city with 11 million people has been quarantined. You know people are dying and that it's been rumored to be caused by bat soup. And more than likely, you're extremely grateful you don't live in Wuhan because that would obviously fucking suck right now. 

But is it any surprise that the American airport responsible for our now greatest risk of outbreak is O'Hare? Are you shocked to learn Midway isn't at the center of a CDC investigation?

No Shit Carl. Midway doesn't fly to China you dumb fuck. - Classic O'Hare Guy

And that's supposed to be a shot against Midway right now? That it isn't America's greatest risk to be our ground zero for the Coronavirus? That I'm a pussy because my airport operates with an America-first domestic travel policy?

This is where I need to actually hear you O'Hare guys play some defense. Like I'm legitimately tired of dragging you guys on the blog over an inferior product so now's your time to stand up. What actually motivates you to travel out of this place when Midway's on table? 

Would it take a global pandemic? Because we're trending that way and as it stands, there's plenty of room for you at Midway without any of the potential plague-like negative consequences. 

Just look at the security lines:

And not to sound like The Meme God

But I basically have an unlimited number of Midway security pictures. Like a nuclear arsenal at my disposal and I'm ready to set it off at any moment. 

But at the same time I'd prefer not to be some war mongering asshole. Instead, I'd rather strive to understand the wild animal that is a Chicagoan who prefers O'Hare to Midway. There's compassion in my heart for your delusions and I'd love to reconcile your incompetence. 

In other words:

Help me help you.