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Now Antonio Brown Has Locked Himself Inside His House

Source - An alleged battery incident involving Antonio Brown and his trainer took place at the former NFL wide receiver's home Tuesday, the Hollywood (Florida) Police Department said. 

Public information officer Christian Lata told reporters Tuesday police responded to an emergency call from Brown's residence, where an individual claimed he was the victim of battery. The alleged victim was a moving truck driver, Lata confirmed to USA TODAY Sports on Wednesday.

Brown's trainer, Glen Holt — who police said described himself as an "associate" of Brown — was taken into custody and charged with "burglary with batter." Lata said he was arraigned at Broward County Jail on Tuesday.

Brown is also a suspect in the incident, but police are trying to uncover more details. Multiple attempts by police to contact him were unsuccessful as of Wednesday morning, and Lata said he "locked himself in his house." Police reiterated the investigation is ongoing and said more information will be available later Wednesday. 


What a difference a day makes? I guess?  I mean, here's where we were Tuesday afternoon:

And now it appears we've gone from an "active scene" to more of an "inactive scene." Antonio Brown's trainer was arrested with the almost Waffle House-menu-sounding but probably pretty illegal "burglary with batter." But so far at least, Brown himself doesn't seem to be charged with anything. From the sound of things, police just want him to answer some questions.

I guess the important question now is if he's a danger to himself or anyone else. And until they send in a SWAT team with a battering ram, I guess we can assume he isn't. Which then begs the question: What's his end game? 

I'm no lawyer, but it seems to me if the police want to take a statement about some assault charge, you can either cooperate or tell them you want to talk to your lawyer. Both are fine. I'm just not seeing the logic behind locking your door. I mean, is he pretending he's not home? Is he planning on holding up in there indefinitely in hopes they'll lose interest and go away? Siege warfare is a matter of one side being able to wait out the other, and almost always comes down to whose supplies run out first. So unless Brown hit the Piggly Wiggly and stocked up before deciding to get behind the walls of Helm's Deep, my money is on the guys with the unlimited supply of manpower, coffee and bagels waiting outside. 

What a bizarre situation, that just gets bizarrerer by the day. When is this guy going to get some psychological help already before someone gets hurt worse than that moving truck driver.