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Breaking: There's an 'Active Scene' with a Large Police Presence in Front of Antonio Brown's House

Source - There is reportedly a large police presence and “active scene” in front of Antonio Brown‘s home. 

According to TMZ, a police source says Antonio Brown is not in custody at the time. 

TMZ is also reporting two sources tell them it appears someone is injured. 

According to ESPN’s Cameron Wolfe, the Hollywood Police are investigating Antonio Brown for possible battery at his home. ...

Wolfe goes on to report that a source tells him it’s not believed to be a domestic situation. 

The term "active scene," while it's taken on a lot of dark, grim connotations over the last few years, can still mean a wide range of things. Some of them relatively benign and not all of them tragic and horrible. So the smart, responsible thing is not to speculate. 

But I don't think it's unfair to say Antonio Brown's behavior has been disturbing for a while now, to the point it's getting alarming. Culminating in this most recent episode:

And even his long time agent saying he won't represent him until he gets help. 

The last thing any of us should want to be in this situation is an armchair psychiatrist and say something we might regret later. Especially when so few facts are known about the scene at the moment. All we can do is remember this is a guy with kids and people who care about him and hope the police presence is succeeding in keeping a potentially volatile situation calm. That's all I've got for now. Here's hoping nothing comes of this and it's all I'll need to have.