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Yankees Fans Want My Head Sliced Off And Jammed On A Stake, Game of Thrones Style

So I blogged about this yesterday, but every year I have a buddy photoshop a fake Hall of Fame ballot for me just to watch the world burn.  The first few years it worked like a charm but people caught on to the troll job more and more every year, unfortunately.

Well this year Derek Jeter was on the ballot, and it looked like the same writers who sucked him off for over 20 years via columns in print media were going to vote him in unanimously.  Not me and my fake-vote-having-ass though.

FUCK THAT.  Dude was really good, but is NOWHERE CLOSE to the pantheon of all time greats.   One of the worst defensive shortstops of all time, and don’t talk about championships with me.  We’ll get into that in a different blog though

Anyways  – this year my fake ballot didn’t get near the attention it received in previous years because people realized that my dumbass doesn’t actually have a vote.  But low and behold, like a gift from the blogging gods my hot streak continued and Jeter was ONE VOTE away from being unanimous, and people who don’t know me or Barstool think I’m the perpetrator.  Yankees fans want me DEAD.  Like legit I’m getting people telling me to kill myself in my DMs:

The one sad thing is is that I might get beat up by OJ Simpson now.  Now, I’ve never met OJ but if an alien came to earth and judged him off his Twitter account and his Twitter account only, he’d think OJ was a really good dude.  Just a guy who loves golf and fantasy football.

I wouldn’t ever do anything to offend the guy best known for being the only RB in NFL history to rush for 2000 yards in a 14 game NFL season.  Never ever.  Congrats on winning your fantasy league once again, Juice!

But the best part is people absolutely loved it too.  Mostly Red Sox fans and fans of other AL east teams.  There was ZERO in between.  Without further ado, a glimpse into my current mentions:

Troll mothafuckin’ tide