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World Cup Watch Party For Barstool New York Monday Night At Saloon

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So we were all hoping for a Rangers Game 6, World Cup perfect storm on Monday night, but we’re obviously not getting that. Still should be a blast regardless, though. I’m thinking we’re gonna be able to recapture the magic from USA vs Russia Olympic hockey. One nation, One team – we’re all rooting for the same team and we’re gonna be getting shitfaced while we do it.

We’ll be doing the Barstool/Saloon special like always – 30 bucks for the duration of the match. (You like that? I’m such a knowledgable futbol fan now so I use the proper terminology) Doors open up at 430pm so dip out of work a little early and shoot up to Saloon. I’m blogging this now because I want everyone to be prepared. Don’t get all fucked up all weekend long and then be too shot for a Monday night shitshow, because these parties only come once every four years. If we were all willing to get up at 6am to hit the bar for USA hockey, its only fair we show USA soccer the same love on a Monday night. So plan accordingly and be prepared.

In addition, we’re going to be raffling off 1 free open bar for the next USA game against Portugal, and were going to be giving away a free keg of Bud Heavy to the person who dresses the most patriotic. You can pick up your free keg or you can bring your friends into Saloon any time you want and drink for free until your keg is kicked. Bring your American flags, rock the stars and stripes. Rock flag and eagle baby. Its Us vs The World and its time to go America all over everybody’s asses.

$30 all you can drink for duration of the match

Email to get on the list for entry

Fireball shot specials will be announced throughout the game

Tables first come first serve

$11 bar food sampler platter with wings, fingers, sticks, and spring rolls. 

Saloon 84th and York

PS – The Bud Heavy giveaway is one of the best promo ideas I’ve ever heard a bar do. That just took shit to the next level for Monday. Everyone get your American gear ready. Monday at Saloon is gonna make the Fourth of July look like child’s play.