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The Idiotic #CancelColbert Bitch Got Absolutely Eviscerated in a Huffington Post Interview


One of the best interviewers and interviews I’ve seen in quite some time. He didn’t hold back in making this girl look as foolish as she really is. I think he’s my favorite person of all time? What’s really remarkable is she is still pretending to be upset about a joke that was written to pretty much support her side. But no, she decided to walk around like she’s right and every single person with more than one brain cell is wrong. I hope every interview she ever does it just like this one. Would actually love to see Colbert have his way with her and make her cry. She’s the biggest bitch I’ve ever seen. Remember the part when she claimed white men can’t think? That was for sure my favorite park. She’s suchhhhh a victim, all the time. I can’t imagine how terrible sex with her would be.