PornHub Is Reportedly Being Sued For A Lack Of Closed Captioning


PHOENIX - A man is reportedly suing an adult video website for alleged rights violations because there is a lack of closed captioning on at least some videos.

According to TMZ, Yaroslav Suris' lawsuit against Pornhub claims the lack of closed captioning violates the rights of deaf and hearing-impaired under the Americans with Disabilities Act.

In court documents cited by TMZ, Suris claims the deaf and hearing impaired can't understand the audio portion of videos on the websites, and listed a number of videos that the man watched, but couldn't understand the dialogue.

In the documents, Suris reportedly claims he and those in similar situations would pay money for a premium subscription, but calls it pointless without the subtitles.

Listen. Everyone, including our friend Yaroslav, watches porn.

"Thanks, didn't know that one already Ethan"

I get it, alright? Get off my case. Jeez. 

Everyone knows that as a porn observer, you want a storyline that you can actually sink your teeth into. Do you want to just click on a porn video that's just 10 minutes of sex, nothing more, nothing less? No! You are in a state where you're willing to believe anything. You want something that makes you believe that Alexis Texas is actually an insubordinate school girl. 

Sadly, our friend Yaroslav is deaf. Which means he can't hear. Which means he can not hear the elaborate twists and tales that may cum (sweet pun Ethan) with a full-length adult film. So he did what any reasonable human would do and sued the biggest name in porn. No biggie.

I'm not too sure about you guys but I, for one, am shocked that there aren't already captions on Pornhub. Not even from a catering to the blind angle. I would've figured that some real greasy bastard would sit at his computer on a cozy Saturday just banging out captions on some videos.

Not for even for the money and fame that come with captioning pornos, but for the love of the game and all things porn. I can only imagine the high levels of finesse necessary for that job. It's not exactly easy to adequately capture the raw emotion in a few simple keyboard clicks. It is their duty to let you know exactly what frequency/tone Riley Reid emits when having sex.

This man needs captions. He's even willing to upgrade to Pornhub Premium if a closed caption category gets booted up. Yaroslav just out here fighting for the people who can't hear you. He's a true hero I hope he gets what he deserves.