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Antonio Brown Finally Broke Drew Rosenhaus

The cynic in me, which probably happens to be the biggest part of me, wants to believe this is strictly a business decision by Drew Rosenhaus. That when Antonio Brown posted his instantly viral video:

... that he became instantly unemployable. The decaying Chernobyl fuel rod of wide receivers. And since Rosenhaus is good at math, he knows that the agent's percentage of zero dollars is $0.00. So having Brown in his stable wasn't worth the space in his file drawer or the time it takes to issue a statement every time he pulls some of his patented dumbassery. 

But I want to believe there's more to this than just dollars and cents. That at some point, Rosenhaus decided you can only turn so many tricks for a guy. That this deranged video was further than he was willing to go and he had whored himself out to Boomin' for the last time. That his humanity took over and he had a Jerry Maguire mission statement moment. 

Maybe I'm putting too much faith in the decency of a player agent. After all, this is how much Rosenhaus was willing to degrade himself when Brown was using the fit of his helmet to shoot his way out of Oakland:

And at the time I wrote this:

[P]art of his job is to humiliate himself on TV. Making ridiculous statements to defend his lunatic manchild of a client and say things Rosenhaus himself can’t possibly believe. I mean, imagine having to look into a camera and tell the public not to read anything into your $50 million client not showing up to work and having to make it sound convincing. How long do you think an associate at Rosenhaus’ firm would last if she refused to come into the office until they gave her a chair that fits her ass to her liking? Her diplomas, coffee mug and running shoes she leaves in the office for taking walks at lunch would be in the incinerator before 9:30.

So while I’m not crying for Rosenhaus because this is his job, I just want to acknowledge that there are more victims of Mr. Big Chest’s shenanigans than just [Mike] Mayock.

And so Antonio Brown has finally succeeded in doing the impossible. He finally broke the most unbreakable agent in the business. The one person in the NFL whose job it is to stand by Mr. Big Chest no matter what, just quit. Brown will likely never catch a pass again, much less ever win a Super Bowl. But at least he has that one accomplishment on his resume. 

I ask again, tell me how the Patriots were wrong to let him go?