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If You Don't Think Kentucky Is Going To Make A Run In March Because Of A Loss To South Carolina, You're An Idiot

This is a blog for Kentucky fans and those dancing on the grave of Kentucky. If you're dancing; stop. You're an idiot. If you think Kentucky's season is over; stop. You're an idiot. If you think this loss means ANYTHING going forward; stop. You're an idiot.

You know why? 

This shit happens all the time. Weird things happen to South Carolina and then Kentucky figures it out and makes a run in the NCAA Tournament. Hell, we can barely call last night's game a basketball game thanks to the officiating. It was horrendous, on both sides. They refused to let any single person on the floor play basketball. There's just no way there's that many fouls. Plus, they act like high school girls when they get told to go change by their parent. 

But as to why you're an idiot? Look at this season. Tell me who is good? Baylor, sure. Butler, they just lost at home to Seton Hall, but I'll toss them there. Oregon? Perhaps. Kansas? They have 3 losses already too and rely on two guys. Duke? They have losses to Stephen F. Austin and Clemson. Just look at this graphic. 

I'm just not worried in a year where everyone is losing terrible games. Kentucky has shown up in the major games, beating Michigan State and Louisville, losing to Ohio State on a neutral court in what was a back and forth game the entire time. Also we're talking about a damn banked in 3 at the buzzer. Duke fans love saying that if Stephen F. Austin's layup went off .2 seconds later, who knows, they may have been undefeated. Well, the same goes here. That shot goes off .3 seconds later and who knows, Kentucky is a top-7 team in the country next week in the polls. 

Finally, if you don't think John Calipari is going to figure this out, you are the biggest moron on the planet. The only people who think that are said morons and those who refuse to acknowledge anything Calipari does. Sure, every coach in America will publicly say how Calipari doesn't get the credit he deserves (like Frank Martin last night). Sure, there's a track record of him having more tournament wins than anyone in the country during his time at Kentucky, more Final Fours and the fact when Kentucky gets to the tournament, he gets to the second weekend. Your coach can't say that. Those are all facts. Only two coaches in America have 2 titles since Cal took over. So spare me the 'Cal chokes.' Your coach chokes. 

Every year we go through this. Every year there's some sort of bad loss on the road in conference play, followed by the takes of 'one and done's can't win' (friendly reminder, Cal pretty much plays 1 freshman exclusively). The takes that this Kentucky team just doesn't have it. Then there's a tweak, someone else figures out their role - looking at you Montgomery/Sestina/Brooks/Whitney this year. Then Kentucky is talked about as the favorite to win again. Rinse, repeat. 

See you all in Atlanta.