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Did Brady & Gisele Really Buy a House in CT? Barstool Investigates

Yesterday I referenced a report from Greg Hill of WEEI's morning show claiming that Tom Brady and Gisele had moved into the house they were rumored to be looking at in Greenwich, Connecticut. 

Several news sources, including the Hartford Courant back in November, linked this one particular listing on the only realty site I go to when I'm looking to buy property, Homes of the Rich.

Big, if true. 

It wouldn't necessarily mean Brady was leaving the Patriots, since even though CT is a weird place with divided loyalties, split down the center between Pats fans in the east and Giants fans to the west. Sort of like a side-by-side, longitudinal version of the Korean peninsula, with Rte 91 as its DMZ. But still technically part of New England. Unless you're a big believer that he's planning to replace Sam Darnold with the Jets or follow Joe Judge to the Giants and take Daniel Jones' job away from him, a move to Connecticut shouldn't have an effect on Brady's employment. But it would be an interesting move. Ish.

But it isn't that simple. When it comes to Brady, it never is. With him, even a simple real estate transaction has to have more mysteries, plot twists, big character reveals and snappy dialogue than "Knives Out."

The first twist being that the purchase doesn't appear to have even happened.Not by Brady and Gisele, anyway. First of all, we've got  Tom E. Curran, who's generally considered to be a Made Man in the TB12 Family, who says the purchase hasn't happened.

Followed a major character running into the room with this shocking revelation:

Source - A representative from Compass Real Estate told NBC Sports Boston that the Greenwich home featured in the "Homes of the Rich" report has been purchased, but not by Brady and Bundchen.

Compass oversaw the sale of the home and would not reveal the buyer but confirmed it was not the Brady family.

But wait. Meanwhile, as all this was being reported yesterday, Gisele produces a potentially game changing piece of evidence. A video from her fabulously stylish kitchen in Brookline, where it looks like business as usual. With dogs playing, pots on the stove, stuff on the counter and not a moving box anywhere to be seen. 

Then, just as it appeared we've got the ending figured out, we've got a new character coming in to turn the tables. In the form of some selectman from Greenwich, officially welcoming the Brady Bundch to his fair city.

And yet … aha! Someone pulls off his mask and it turns out he's a Steelers fan! (Note: Fucking Connecticut.) So he would have every reason to promote this false narrative to distract us from getting to the truth. 

So this is where we are at. Right now it comes down to whom you believe. One radio host with a source and a low level town politician with a motive to lie. Or a certified Brady insider, the actual realtors in charge of selling the Greenwich property and the public record. 

It seems pretty simple to me that Brady and his family are still living in Brookline and will keep doing so in the foreseeable future. But with his situation - personal and professional - nothing is ever really simple. So stay tuned.