The Fact That Hanukkah Starts on the Same Day As Thanksgiving This Year Is the Greatest Fuck Up the Jews Have Ever Made



I just caught wind of this shit last weekend. I was with my parents and naturally my mother is in full panic mode over this already. Like will I come visit twice if we do straight Thanksgiving on Thanksgiving and Hanukkah a couple days later? Or does she have to combine the two? Does she have to make turkey Latkes or some shit like that? Honestly I don’t know what to fucking think. It’s rough enough for Jews trying to compete vs. Christmas and shit. Sure we say we’d rather have 8 days of presents, but everybody knows it’s bullshit. Now we’re going head to head with Thanksgiving? What idiot Jew came up with this idea? It’s a fucking disgrace. Yeah I know some Jews will say it’s a calendar thing blah, blah, blah. FUCK THAT NOISE. Whoever the head Jew in charge is has to step in and move Hannukkah. It’s bananas that’ we’d even step to Thanksgiving like this. Like Thanksgiving isn’t some weak ass holiday like Columbus Day that you can just invade and take over. We’re gonna get our asses kicked here. You can’t have Hanukah on Thanksgiving. You just can’t. We get to enjoy like 2 holidays with non Jewish people and pretend we’re like everybody else and now we’re sabotaging one of them. It’s nuts.