Since The Rangers Like Streaks So Much, Tonight Being Game 7 Is A Promising Sign


The Rangers have done nothing but stay true to their recent playoff pattern all series. They came in with 6 straight Game 2 losses and made it 7. Stretched their streak of losing games played with a lead in a series to 12. They even got a new one going of 20 straight empty power plays. So if streaks are what the Blueshirts are into, that’ll work for tonight. NY has never lost a Game 7 at MSG. Lundqvist himself is 2-0 & has given up just one goal both times. Vigneault said earlier today that “whoever’s top players perform the best is probably the team that’s gonna win this game.” While that’s an obvious challenge to Rick Nash & others, the top player in blue is still Henrik Lundqvist. The Rangers have painted themselves into a corner yet again & odds are they’ll have to hop on his shoulders to escape. They could make things a little easier though by coming out with a pulse in front of him.

The Flyers studs stepped up with their backs against the wall less than 24 hours ago. Simmonds cashed in a hatty and Giroux was all over the stat sheet. There’s all the talent in the world on the Blueshirts bench for them to do the same tonight. But what they really need to do is show is some heart. A sense of urgency. Get mad. Fuck Philadelphia. Fuck their goon fans. Fuck their team. Put these scrubs out of their misery & let’s move on. If the Rangers can’t get up for a do-or-die against their Broad St. rivals, then what CAN they get up for? LET’S GO RANGERS!