Postseason Baseball In Venezuela: Batter Gets Thrown At, Takes A Bat To The Catcher, Brawl Ensues

That’s assault, brotha.

So, here’s what we know via Daniel Álvarez Montes (follow him on Twitter here) — we’ve got postseason baseball in Venezuela, and the teams playing are Águilas del Zulia & Caribes de Anzoátegui. You’ve got Caribes in the red and Zulia in the white. Caribes hit back-to-back bombs and pimped the shit out of both homers, which pissed off Zulia and that started the first brawl. Yeah, the video above wasn’t even the first brawl of the game.

You can see it’s a 3-0 count to Alex Romero at the plate. That’s because the pitcher (Angel Nesbitt) had already thrown behind him once. No warning, no nothing from the home plate umpire. Nesbitt throws behind him again, and we’ve got a full out brawl with Romero playing the role of Jose Offerman, attacking people with a baseball bat. Can’t do that. Just won’t fly within the rules of the game and also in a society.

I will say this, though — you wanna get the younger audience watching baseball then you should take a look at legalizing attacking people with baseball bats, if provoked. If hockey can have fist fighting, then baseball should be able to have this.

Also, there are reports over there that say both of these teams have to get on the same flight after the game. That is *chef’s kiss* incredible.