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DaBaby Has Been Arrested For Allegedly Robbing A Concert Promoter And Pouring Apple Juice On Him

TMZ- 6:56 AM PT — 1/3 — DaBaby allegedly robbed the victim of $80, a credit card, and then doused him with apple juice … according to the police report, obtained by TMZ. The rapper also allegedly took the victim’s iPhone 7. As we reported, the dispute occurred after DaBaby felt the victim — a concert promoter — had shorted him. According to the police report, the promoter handed DaBaby $20k but DaBaby said he was owed $30k for a concert he was supposed to perform on Thursday. According to the police report, a second victim was punched in the face.

10:29 PM PT — DaBaby has been arrested for battery in connection to the robbery investigation. His bond has been set at $1,500.

8:00 PM PT — Sources with direct knowledge tell TMZ, the victim in the alleged robbery is a concert promoter. We’re told he was meeting up with DaBaby and his crew to pay for a gig, and the rapper believed the promoter shorted him by several thousand dollars. As one source put it, “Things just went out of control.”

I’m a newish fan of DaBaby but my fandom of him grows more and more with each passing day. Not only does he make great music but he’s also entertaining as hell and I weirdly think this arrest adds to it. Yes it’s bad if what’s being reported is true, you shouldn’t rob people and you shouldn’t pour apple juice on people. Those things are illegal and mean and apple juice is for drinking after all. However, these things do make him more interesting as a rapper IMO. There’s nothing better than a controversial rap star and DaBaby is exactly that.

My personal favorite era of rap was dominated by a guy named Curtis ’50 Cent’ Jackson. It was a time in rap where the stories and controversy surrounding the rappers was just as interesting as the music they were making, not to mention it informed the music they were making. 50 Cent and company were constantly getting into scuffles and brawls and dodging weapons charges. It felt like a day couldn’t pass in the mid-2000s without Fiddy getting into some sort of altercation and it was the best. DaBaby is a little bit like that.

Remember when DaBaby literally beat the pants off a guy while shopping?

Iconic. As incredible as songs like Suge and Goin Baby and Baby sitter are, I’m just as interested in DaBaby’s everyday life. Yeah some of the things he does might be illegal but that doesn’t mean they’re not interesting. DaBaby is an interesting guy, for better or worse. Give me a controversial rap star over every other type of star.

By the way, BOP is the best music video in a decade or more. Not an opinion but, a fact.