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Dr. Phil's LA Home Is For Sale - Complete With Gun Wall, Goth Vibes, & Lots Of Jumanji Vines

Dr. Phil, former One Bite pizza review and PMT Van Talk guest, has a home up for sale & the interior design has people ah-buzzin'. Before you read on you can see for yourself HERE on the actual page. 

And to each their own & all, but he's not douche-extraordinare(-who-I'd-still-hang-out-with-though-just-to-say-I-did-and-maybe-for-some-free-stuff) Dan Bilzerian, or a high speed CIA spy, or a world renown hunter... So uh, what is the deal with that gun wall & intense pop-goth aesthetic? Thankfully the LA Times had the same question & dug around a bit.  

A dozen guns adorn the dining room wall. Bizarre figurines of bears and rabbits eye you from every living space. L.A. has gobs of outlandish estates, but Dr. Phil’s Beverly Crest home — which just hit the market for $5.75 million — is as unusual as they come.

The popular TV host, whose real name is Phillip McGraw, bought the property in 2007, and it’s currently used by a family member. The exterior seems normal enough with yellow walls and a clay tile roof, but the 6,170-square-foot interior toes the line between eclectic and downright bizarre.

So the article went on to describe the home a little more, but didn't really answer my questions as to the story behind these, uh, interesting design choices other than it wasn't Phil, but a family member of his who resided there. So maybe it's the home of either of his two kids, one of whom is married to a Playboy playmate

Good news though if you're a wealthy stoolie seeking a home in LA - this pad comes with the option to keep all the accoutrements.. 

..Like this foreboding Jumanji-style vine gate: 

Or this large pair of pink lips on a wooden spike, complete with dangling animal:

Or this small ceramic bartender alone beneath more Jumanji vines, looming over the spoooOOooOoky glowing barstools that reminded me of Beetlejuice for some reason: 

Or this very lit Mickey Mouse candelabra beside purple dangling egg chair:

Or the bone/rope(?) chandelier adjacent to the aforementioned gun wall:

Or this badass blue lion pool table beside a massive wine fridge with evil bear-style Batman & Jokers watching on:

Who knows. Maybe Dr. Phil has a secret penchant for interior design. And lest we forget, he does have a darker goth side... 

Sweet dreams!