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BSC 2019 Top 20 Countdown - #4 WSD Wins The Speed Pitch Contest

This is the 17th entry in the Barstool Chicago Top 20 Moments of 2019 blog series. The list is coming from our perspective as 4 dudes who got the job of a lifetime exactly one year ago.  

We covered this list in person at the December 20th live show. We're following it up on our podcasts to close out the year under following schedule: 

#20-16: Red Line Radio 12/23

#15-11: Dog Walk 12/23

#10-6: Red Line Radio 12/30 

#5-1: Dog Walk 12/30

#20 Eddie & Pres In Vegas 

#19 Miller Lite Sailboat

#18 Keeping The Watch Party At Declan's Alive

#17 St. Patrick's Day Got Rowdy

#16 March Madness In Wrigley

#15 Dee Brown Comes On Red Line Radio

#14 The Coldest Day In History

#13 Becoming Best Friends With Jeremy Roenick

#12 Going To The Joffrey Ballet

#11 Repeated WSD Blogging Errors

#10 Bears vs. Packers FanDuel Live Stream

#9 Burger King Manager Goes On Dog Walk

#8 Susanna

#7 Mouse Gate

#6 WSD Finally Chains Himself To Statute, Almost Gets Struck Down By Lightning

#5 Slob Gate Sends WSD Down And Back

#4 WSD Wins The Speed Pitch Contest

Idk if there's been a better moment in Chicago sports this entire fucking year. I mean eat your heart out for fuckssake. WSD stole the show more than anyone has ever stolen a telethon. I honestly don't think anyone but maybe Big Cat had any expectation for the kind fireworks we were in for and holy shit did WSD deliver. It was impossible not to be on the edge of your seat as WSD rose from the Mouse Gate ashes like a beautiful goddamn phoenix ready to spread his wings. Since then the White Sox have added Dallas Keuchel and a stable of predictable veterans. If you think the two are unrelated then let me show you this bridge I have for sale. It would look great in your living room.

Speaking of things that look great, can we revisit WSD's mechanics for a second? The man is a fucking wagon on the mound: 

Hopefully it makes sense now why it's been so WSD heavy in the top 10. When you mix in this moment, it's undeniable just how bigger all that mouse gate and chain gate and slob gate stuff gets. All if it taken together is what puts WSD in your living room for 2019's Cyber Telethon Monday. No one could have seen it coming. 

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