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BSC 2019 Top 20 Countdown - #12 Going To The Joffrey Ballet

A Note From Carl - This is the 9th entry in the Barstool Chicago Top 20 Moments of 2019 blog series. The list is coming from our perspective as 4 dudes who got the job of a lifetime exactly one year ago.  

We covered this list in person at the December 20th live show. We're following it up on our podcasts to close out the year under following schedule: 

#20-16: Red Line Radio 12/23

#15-11: Dog Walk 12/23

#10-6: Red Line Radio 12/30

#5-1: Dog Walk 12/30

#20 Eddie & Pres In Vegas 

#19 Miller Lite Sailboat

#18 Keeping The Watch Party At Declan's Alive

#17 St. Patrick's Day Got Rowdy

#16 March Madness In Wrigley

#15 Dee Brown Comes On Red Line Radio

#14 The Coldest Day In History

#13 Becoming Best Friends With Jeremy Roenick

#12 - Going To The Joffrey Ballet

The video basically speaks for itself and yes I'm aware this technically occurred in 2018 but we're lumping it in with 2019 because it's my list and I make the rules no questions asked. 

To me, Eddie gives one of the funniest performances in any Barstool video I've ever watched. Complaining that his socks aren't good enough. The bear crawls and suicide sprints. Twirling the ballerina like she's a piece of glass. Telling her about his sophomore year talent show in the ATO house. I mean it really is an Eddie highlight reel when you break it down and there's nothing wrong with that. A big theme throughout 2019 is just how dynamite Eddie has been seemingly at every opportunity from hosting Barstool Radio to interviewing mailmen to owning the Cup Snake saga and on it goes. It's been fun to watch from close proximity but definitely no surprise to anyone who knows the guy. 

That's what makes Joffrey Ballet Video #12 to me. After this video dropped I had buddies coming out of the fucking woodwork to celebrate Eddie. 

Is he always this funny? 

Idk. Subscribe to Red Line Radio to find out. 

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