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Colts Lose To The Jags 38-20 And Finish The Season 7-9

I don't even know where to begin. Do I start with the how the Jags just kicked our ass in the season finale, or how midway through the season we looked like a playoff team and quickly transformed into a sorry ass team?? This might be the most frustrating season to be a Colts fan since Peyton had his neck surgery and we had to deal with Curtis Painter! I took a shit after eating some Taco Bell for lunch today that was prettier than today's game! There were so many things that went wrong these past few months, so let's just talk about today's game for now.


This pretty much sums up the game. Colts were up 20-16 at halftime, Marlon Mack had 2 TD's, everything was looking swell. But it's not a true Colts game if we don't let the opposing team run up the 2nd half. We let the Jags score 22 unanswered and got front row seats to Minshew Mania. I don't know what the hell is wrong with Jacoby. Does he suck? Is he still hurt from his injury against the Steelers game? It it both?? Either way, this guy is NOT our QB. We're going to keep him as a backup QB next year but I'm all for finding a QB in the draft or calling up Andrew Austen Luck's flip phone ASAP.


Nobody on the defense besides Darius Leonard makes BIG PLAYS! Besides Justin Houston and Kenny Moore (who's been hurt damn near the whole year), Darius is the only playmaker we have on defense! He finished the season with the most interceptions on the team, 5! Our fucking linebacker had more picks than our DB's! We can't cover shit, we can't wrap up, we always open up a playground for any receiver to run around in. It doesn't help that our defense is on the field 3X more than the offense because they can't move down the field. 

Special Teams:

Chase McLaughlin will probably be our kicker for next season and I'm fine with that. A couple 50-yarders here and there, hitting all of his extra points, the guy has been drilling like Dave recently. 

In the end, the Jags showed up and I couldn't believe it. No Nick Foles, No Fournette, and probably no more Doug Marrone. The Jags wanted it more in a game that meant nothing. But......we are now drafting somewhere around the 16-18 seed!! That's a dub in my book. The 2020 NFL Draft can't some soon enough baby. We'll get a season recap blog thrown up this week. Until then, Godspeed and Go Horse.