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Donate Now To Detective Joseph Seals’ Widow and 5 Children

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I learned something about a friend of mine after hearing the heartbreaking news about Detective Joseph Seals being gunned down on the streets of Jersey City yesterday. My pal Kev aka Wayne Jetski’s father was a police officer who was also killed in the line of duty. And when his family suffered that loss, his friends and loved ones stepped up and donated to his mom to help her burden. She was able to pay the mortgage, send Jetski to college, and now he works for one of the most successful radio shows at a major media company while pursuing his dreams in music. And the only way that was possible - along with an incredible mother and a strong work ethic minus that one time he took a nap at work - was because his community stepped.

Well today we are the Seals community. We’re Barstool Sports. We rep the firemen and the police officers and the troops and everyone who gives up their lives for others. Everything I described about Jetski...imagine having to do that times FIVE. Joseph Seals and his wife had 5 wonderful kids who now need to persevere and I’ll be damned if we aren’t gonna help them. Think about what Joseph Seals did yesterday - he and his fellow officers engaged in an hour long gunfight in the streets after investigating a murder. I’m talking John MacLean Die Hard shit. None of us can even sniff that sort of courage. But you can be a hero in your own right today with your donation. Donate what you can, plus maybe a little bit more. It’s the Christmas season. Maybe when you go to buy someone an extra present or spend some extra money, think twice and give to the Seals. Our new donation platform is all set up. No more skeptical assholes claiming we are stealing money, no more trouble transferring the funds because of Venmo limitations. All completely official, legitimate, and easy to use. Dont have to sign up, just put your CC info in and press donate. 100% of the funds go to the Seals family.

Here are a few ways you can help the family:

DONATE:  Donate any sum of money you'd like - big or small - via our new charitable giving platform.  Donate Now >>

BUY A SHIRT:  We also have a shirt on sale, all proceeds go to the family.  Get the Shirt >>