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No One In The World Is Better At Their Job Than Scott Boras Is At His

No one. Nobody. Not a soul. The Pope isn’t better at being the Pope than Scott Boras is at being an agent, and he doesn’t even have any competition for Poping. In the past fortnight, Scott Boras has put 2/3rds of a BILLION dollars in three people’s pockets. That’s outrageous. And doesn’t even include the contract Bryce Harper signed earlier this calendar year.

You know who went and got Kyler Murray over-drafted in the MLB two years ago?

Kyler Murray Signs Contract

That’s Scott Boras explaining to Kyler how this was the long play to either lock him into an expedited path to the Bigs or boost his NFL Draft stock. That’s the kind of playing field Scott Boras is working on. He sees lanes others didn’t even know were an option. The Jacoby Ellsbury contract he got from the Yankees might be the most impressive deal in professional sports history when you look back at the dollars per production that swapped hands after that was inked.


Here’s a quick snapshot of the deals Boras has been stacking up over the years.

1992 – Greg Maddux 5-year, $28 mil.
1993 – Secured High School prospect ALEX RODRIGUEZ
1997 – Greg Maddux again: 5-year, $57.5 million (Biggest contract in baseball)
1998 – Kevin Brown: 7-year, $105 million (Biggest contract in baseball)
2000 – Alex Rodriguez: 10-year, $252 million (Largest contract in SPORTS HISTORY)
2001- 37-year old Barry Bonds: 5-year, $90 million
2005 – Carlos Beltran: 7-year, $119 million
2006 – Over a two week span in December, Boras brokered Diasuke’s deal to Boston AND Barry Zito’s then record-setting $126 million contract with the Giants
2008 – Mark Teixeira: 8-year, $180 million
2009 – Manny Ramirez: 2-year, $45 million; Stephen Strasburg: $15.1 million was a record for a draft pick
2010: Jayson Werth: 7-year, $126 million. Which was $6 million more than he got Matt Holliday from the Cardinals that very same winter. Also signed that Bryce Harper kid before the draft. Decent year.
2012: Prince Fielder: 9-year, $214 million
2013: Elvis Andrus: 8-year, $120 million. I had no clue Elvis Andrus made $120 million in his lifetime prior to writing this. Scott Boras must walk into these meetings with a loaded handgun. I have no other explanation for this. That same winter: Ellsbury got $153 million and Shin-Shoo Choo got $130 million. Choo was the first non-All Star in MLB history to ink a $100 million deal.
2015: Max Scherzer: 7-year, $210 million.

And then 2019: Harper, Cole, Strasburg already with record-setting bags. Rendon soon come. Ryu is going to get a hefty satchel.

Nobody is better at their job than Scott Boras is at his. Absolutely no one.