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White Sox Trade For OF Nomar Mazara

Trying my hardest not to flip out here but I kinda hate watching Nomara Mazara hit.  He’s just been the definition of all bark, no bite thus far.  Huge frame, massive raw power, “looks” the part… But hasn’t produced at even a league average clip thus far in his career:

Screen Shot 2019-12-10 at 6.48.54 PM

As slight above mediocre as can be! Kinda!  That said, he IS only 24 years old.  Who knows, maybe his best days are way ahead of him

Idgaf about his defensive metrics right now, but a quick glance shows he’s whatever in the OF.  Good enough I suppose. And though I hate this move because it reeks of a move a rebuilding team would/should make and not a move a team trying to “compete” and “win” would/should make, I’m gonna break down the pros/cons of the deal:


– only 24 years old
– MASSIVE raw power

– 110 wRC+, .844 OPS vs. RHP — good platoon bat


– he hasn’t done shit thus far in his career and fans want and EXPECT better players because we’re sick of losing and unless the Sox cash in on this lottery ticket, this isn’t a move that’s going to put them over the top IMO

Now who knows; maybe he blossoms with a change of scenery and under the tutelage or Frank Menechino.  I would love nothing more than to be wrong and he shoves this blog back in my face.  Truthfully, what they gave up was nothing of consequence.  James Fox said it best:

Right now I feel like Happy Gilmore’s girlfriend yelling into the speakerphone thing at the beginning of the movie, “but there’s a problem, you’re not any good”.

Why not, go and sign someone like ya know.. 27 year old Nick Castellanos?  Or better yet, Anthony Rendon?  Nahhhh.  That would make WAY too much sense.  Especially with how often Reinsdorf reminds Hahn that he’s old and wants to WIN NOW!


Now should this be A move for RF, fine.  If it’s THE move, then FUCK THAT.  Enjoy being mired in mediocrity for all of eternity if they don’t feel like opening the piggy bank for ready made, proven talent that’s not on its last breath a la all of the retreads like they’ve thrown on the field for the last 15 years.

To me this is punting on 3rd down.  Ho hum.  Prove me wrong.  Here’s a message I got yesterday:

Just hung up with [name redacted]. He was chatting with [name redacted] like 20 or 30 mins ago. He asked [name redacted] “give me a team that you wouldn’t think that’s going to make a big splash.” He said I’ll give you two: DBacks and White Sox. When [name redacted] followed up about Sox [name redacted] said “Hahn is out for blood.”

If the front office is out for blood, I want the rest of the winter meetings to look like the opening scene from Saving Private Ryan or some shit.  Let’s roll