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Not Enough People Are Thanking Russell Okung For Being Brave Enough To Put Bitcoin On His Cleats For #MyCauseMyCleats

The NFL allows you to put any cause you want on your cleats to raise awareness. Some players choose anti-suicide charities

Some choose mental health.

Some choose diseases like Parkinson’s

But not enough people are saluting Russell Okung of the Las Angeles Chargers for raising awareness for what really matters, for what we really should be spreading awareness for…Bitcoin.

Thank you Russell for using your platform to spread the important message. (The message being I bought too much too high and could really use a new Bitcoin surge). Rare diseases get all the spotlight these days, anti-bullying messages are everywhere, but nobody is talking about poor ol’ Bitcoin anymore. Besides Russell Okung, that is. The hero we need, and the hero we deserve. Now go buy Bitcoin. I have to buy Christmas presents.