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Tom Holland’s Crying Drunk Phone Call To Disney’s CEO Helped Save Spiderman From Leaving the MCU

That is AWESOME. For a while we were all trapped in limbo wondering if Tom Holland's Spiderman was really going to be taken away from us and moved to Sony, where it all but likely would have been ruined. Tom Holland and the MCU are a match made in heaven. Him leaving the MCU felt like losing a friend. Holland shits down Toby McGuire's throat when it comes to playing the role. Any Holland Spiderman where Kevin Feige wasn't at the helm would have been a waste. I was legit sad when I heard the original news.

So after accepting defeat from Sony we were all pleasantly shocked to find out two months ago that Sony and Marvel had come to an agreement to keep Spiderman in the MCU. Now we know how the ball got rolling again after talks had pretty much died. Tom Holland sent an email to Disney's CEO Bob Iger, thanking him for all he's done and how incredible it was to work under him. That prompted Iger to ask if Holland could hop on a call in the coming days. A few days later while Tom was out with his family drinking and playing trivia at the local pub he got a call from a random number....The CEO of Disney Bob Iger. Timing really is everything. 

Holland answered the phone and proceeded to weep to the CEO of Disney while pouring his heart out to try and keep Spiderman where he belonged. It....worked. Tom Holland saved Spiderman while being drunk and emotional at some local bar trivia. That doesn't seem real. That reads like a fake headline, but it's true. Funny how when I tried to do this during college to my ex girlfriend and she just hung up. Weird. 

Imagine the celebration afterwards at the bar? You just saved Spiderman from the MCU. The hundreds of millions dollar deal that was dead is now alive and well because of you. Auto blackout. Best night of your life kind of blackout. I love you Tom Holland. 

Whole time I was writing this I thought of the scene from Far From Home where he pretty much becomes Tony Stark. Such a cool scene. Can't wait for more of these movies.