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Remy To Take Some Time Off From The Booth After His Son's Arrest



BOSTON (CBS)Jerry Remy will be taking some time off from the broadcast booth following the arrest of his son, with Red Sox Hall of Famer Dennis Eckersley set to fill in. Eckersley, who spent eight of his 24 MLB seasons in Boston, will provide the color commentary on NESN for Friday night’s game against the New York Yankees, and on Boston’s west coast road trip next week.



I hate this. Who doesn’t love RemDog? Maybe I’m a sucker but I feel real bad for him. Got saddled with a totally worthless, piece of shit son and now his career has to pay for it. Guy has battled through lung cancer twice and now he’s got to deal with his scumbag kid murdering people. Fucking sucks. But I do love Eck in the booth so it’s not all bad. Eck still talks like he’s sitting in the ‘pen with a wad of chew waiting for his call, how can you not love that? So I wish RemDog the best (do you wish someone the best in this situation? Is “I hope your son dies in prison but I hope you’re cool with that” wishing someone the best?), but I’m not mad I get to listen to Eck for the next week or so.