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DePaul's Locker Room Turning Into 'Club Dub' After Beating Texas Tech Set A New Standard For Locker Room Celebrations

Locker room celebrations are as much of a staple in college hoops as Coach K faking a health scare after a loss. They almost go in hand in hand. Sometimes we are given the gift of just an A+ locker room celebration though, whether it's a 60-year old coach trying to dance or a guy like Eric Musselman coming in with a hot mic. All I know is DePaul's locker room celebration after beating Texas Tech last night just set a new standard. I can't stop laughing at them going full Club Dub with Markese Jacobs holding up the speaker: 

You have the dancing, you have Dave Leitao getting sprayed with water, it's all incredible. DePaul is so back, man. So back. #RankDePaul