Brady & Gisele Voted the World's Best Dressed Couple


(Editor’s Note - Fact.  This jacket is the pinnacle of men’s fashion.)


People who know me know there is only one thing I like better than New England Patriots football, and that is fashion.  Seriously, apart from a perfectly executed scoring drive or a punishing defensive stop, nothing revs my engine more than fabulous style icons decked out in amazing haute couture.  Which is why I couldn’t have been happier to get my September issue of Vanity Fair, flip right to the “2013 International Best-Dressed List” just like I do every year, and see that a certain pair of fashionistas are… to the surprise of no one… the most sytlish couple on this little spinning blue marble we call Earth:

Gisele Bundchen and Tom Brady




FAVORITE ACCESSORY: “My wedding ring.”

STYLE ICON: “Steve Jobs.”

Tom Brady.  Tom friggin’ Brady.  Does he ever not give the perfect answer to anything?  When it comes to on-the-field stuff, ask him who his favorite receiver is and he’ll say  “Whoever’s open.”  Which is his favorite ring?  “The next one.”  Ask him how things are going and you’ll get “Well done is better than well said.”  Off the field, ask him the tough questions about fashion, and he’ll nail them too.  A lesser man might have stuck his foot in his mouth answering these, but not Tom.  His favorite clothing is Gisele’s lingerie?  Of course it is.  Who’s isn’t?  Besides, you’ve got to push product; those megamansions with moats don’t pay for themselves.  He prefers to shop the Web?  Naturally.  Why mention one retailer and cost yourself endorsement deals?  His wedding ring is his favorite accessory?  Every chick in America just bit her lower lip, went “Ohhhhh…” and reached for her vibrator.  And Steve Jobs?  Why not Steve Jobs?  No man has ever done more for the black turtleneck and neck beard look.  Just the perfect style icon and you can see his influence in everything TB12 wears.

Personally, my answers would have gone “My gray hoodie,” “The Old Navy clearance rack,” “My Super Bowl XXXVI replica ring” and “Belichick.”  But that’s why he’s half of Vanity Fair’s Best Dressed Couple and I’m not.  @JerryThornton1