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Pablo Escobar's Brother Dropped A Commercial For His Foldable Cell Phone And It Has Lots Of Women In Lingerie

How much does it have to suck being Pablo Escobar’s brother? It’s the same thing as being the brother of Michael Jordan or Tom Brady or Wayne Gretzky. Pablo Escobar’s brother will never be anything but Pablo Escobar’s brother. I legitimately don’t know the guy’s name, I only know him as Pablo Escobar’s brother. Pablo Escobar in his heyday was able to sell cocaine to the entire world. He’s the GOAT of supplying the world with coke. He was the best and most ruthless salesman to maybe ever walk the face of the earth.

Which means Pablo Escobar’s brother is doing nothing but setting himself up for failure trying to peddle shitty foldable cell phones. If I’m Pablo Escobar’s brother, I pursue every career path other than sales. Because there’s no chance he’s ever ever ever going to be as successful as his brother in that line of work. It’s impossible. He’s setting himself, and anyone he works with, for disappointment.  Everyone who goes into business with Pablo Escobar’s brother will eventually say to themselves, “Boy this guy sure isn’t Pablo Escobar.”

I will say, using women dressed in lingerie is a step in the right direction in terms of trying to sell something. In that respect, Pablo Escobar’s brother isn’t completely lost. Using scantily clad women to sell a product is a tale as old as time. Ask any beer or alcohol company how they built their empires and they will undoubtedly show you something like this