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DePaul Is 8-0 So Naturally #RankDePaul Was Trending And A Player Guaranteed A Trip To The NCAA Tournament Or He'll Shave His Head

I fucking love it. People may bash the idea of a team begging to be ranked but guess what? We're talking about DePaul here, a program that is desperate to be good. A program that hasn't made the NCAA Tournament since 2004. 2004! It's not like DePaul hasn't beaten anyone either. They have wins at Iowa and at Minnesota, sure they aren't necessarily great, but this early in the season not many teams have two wins on the road over major conference teams. Hell, they even beat BC so they technically have three road wins over major conference teams, no matter what you think about Boston College.

Let's also remember this, DePaul is actually good this year. They have a bunch of talent - whether it's former Kansas/Cal player Charlie Moore, Romeo Weems (top-50 recruit) or upperclassmen like Jalen Coleman-Lands, Jaylen Butz (Butz, lol) or Paul Reed. DePaul is speeding the game up, playing one of the 50 fastest tempos in the country and just using that talent to its advantage. 

Oh, you know who else they have? Our guy Pantelis Xidias, the best damn bench mob player in the country. You know what someone like that does? You make this guarantee: 

He has some serious lettuce too: 

DePaul plays Texas Tech in Chicago on Wednesday and it's without a doubt the biggest regular season game for DePaul in about 12 years. Give me DePaul in the NCAA Tournament. Also if they become ranked because of a Twitter hashtag to go with the talent just automatically put them in as a 6 seed.