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Nets Fans Bust Out An Incredibly Ruthless "Kyrie's Better" Chant To Open Today's Game

You would think that after Wednesday night and the reaction from the Garden crowd and a 50,000 word Instagram post, that Nets fans would have the back of their franchise point guard. This is sports, when a fanbase comes at one of your players, you respond the first chance you have at their guy. I don't know if this was because of the 12pm start or what, but that had to be no more than like 5 people chanting. Where is the support for your player? That might have been the saddest clap back chant I've ever heard. Is it because Nets fans don't even believe it themselves? I wouldn't blame them, especially after what Kemba did to them on Wednesday

But if you're going to chant something like this, at least bring the heat. If you aren't going to do that, it just makes this look 1000x more sad. You would think Nets fans would be foaming at the mouth to support their guy given how this is a division opponent and all that, but then again he has them way under .500 in games he plays in so who knows.