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Luka Doncic's Dad Says ESPN Is Full Of Shit - Him And Vlade Divac Are Laughing About Their Fake Stories

That website is in Slovenian, so here's what was translated and posted on reddit. 

After the media from the former Yugoslavia reported this, my phone started ringing.

I am amazed at the unprofessionalism of the media. Even with ESPN, which is a serious sports media outlet, I would expect a different treatment. It is irresponsible that a journalist of such a highly respected media company is so quick to succumb to whisperers.

We laughed at it. Vlade have told me that if journalists ask me, let them know that we had a good laugh at this fake story.

Vlade have explained to me in the past that at that time they had good players at the guard position and wanted to fill the roster properly.

So in case you missed it, this story broke on Sunday night: 

Obviously that's quite the claim. Marvin Bagley has been fine for the Kings (when healthy) but if you pass on a guy that's gotten off to the start Doncic has because of his dad you're obviously going to catch shit. However, this is Vlade Divac we're talking about here. The man just knows how to handle the draft. He didn't pass on Doncic because of Sasa, he passed on him because they already had a lead guard in De'Aaron Fox (who is pretty good himself). I mean this is the same Vlade that had his draft board leaked:

You think the VladFather is out here making decisions based on old rivalries? I don't think so. Him and Sasa Doncic are actually laughing at ESPN. They are reading fake stories and chuckling like Bond villains, no doubt about it. 

I hope Vlade goes on a tear now and just rips ESPN for this. Again, the thought process of passing on this kid who is turning into a generational type talent is not what you want. Sure, taking Bagley seems like a miss, I'd argue the Suns passing on Doncic with his national coach there is worse than this. 

See it's all love from the Doncic family: