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Sam Darnold got hammered and hooked up with IG model after Jets win


Surging New York Jets quarterback Darnold celebrated his team’s Sunday afternoon routing of the Raiders long into the night — but he may have taken on a little too much “jet fuel,” sources tell Page Six.

We’re told that Bounce Sporting Club in the Flatiron District hosted Darnold and his teammates after they walloped the Oakland Raiders, 34-3, at MetLife Stadium.

“They were celebrating like they’d just won the Super Bowl,” said a spy on the scene. “Sam Darnold was wasted, hooking up with some girl. The other guys on the team had to [look after] him.”

You dog Sam, you dog. Sam is LOVING his second year in New York. One day he's getting mono from kissing girls, then next thing you know he's getting hammered and hooking up with Instagram models at the club. 

I would much rather prefer him to be front-page news for that than to have him be front-page news for getting an illness for middle schoolers. Not to mention, him missing those three games due to illness is massive when talking about the Jets and the playoffs this year. If they end up finishing between 7-9 and 9-7, those three games will be looked at long and hard by the Jets as "what could've been".

Meanwhile, an insider told us, “His team protects him — that’s the way they are on the field, and off it. He’s the franchise.”

I LOVE to hear that, just knowing how much his teammates care about him makes my heart grow 100x. I like to think that Jamal Adams and Marcus Maye were just carrying a hammered Sam Darnold around the club Weekend at Bernie's style. I don't think this is a bad story at all for the Jets considering all the bizarre stories coming out of Florham Park this year. Not to mention, this is a team who's franchise player is Joe Namath, so I view this more as a positive than a negative.

Let's just hope Sammy and the Jets can piece together some wins down the stretch here and make things interesting.