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Vin Diesel Dancing And Singing To Katy Perry and Beyonce Is As Weird As It Gets

Watching from 6 minutes on to see the Surfboard dance and get the full effect

Vin Diesel! Doin the damn thing! Guy is 46 years old in camo cargo shorts and a beater getting into it.

This is why I love the internet and youtube and shit like that. Because its the great equalizer. At some point, people always end up showing their true colors. Like if you’re considered a pure of heart virgin in the media, one day you’ll send a cock shot and get caught. If you’re a mega tough action hero, one day you’ll film yourself dancing to Beyonce like a complete fucking weirdo and confirm all the gay rumors. The temptation is just too strong for people to not eventually fuck up by posting something on the internet. I mean what does Vin Diesel really care. Guy is worth like $60 million bucks. But no doubt this is absolutely weird as fuck and only made possible by the fact that the internet is always just staring you in the face like “Go ahead. Do it. Make that video. Share it with the world. You know you want to. Do it.”