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Male Art Student Does Half Nude Photo Shoot Posing As His Own Mother



Daily Mail - In a bid to channel his mother’s younger days, one male art student decided to depict her himself; through a series of self portraits. For his senior thesis at New York’s Cooper Union, Fortunato Castro, 27, poses in a number of different scenarios drawing on his El Salvadorian mother’s vintage images from the Seventies.  For the series, which is titled Some Girl, Some Where, Mr Fortunato — who says he is not a drag performer, recreates scenes from his mother’s youth as he applies make-up in front of a mirror and is pictured nearly nude. ‘At first I think I was hesitant to make these images because I’m not a woman and I don’t want to be a woman,’ he told The Cut. I’m very protective of my mother, and I think it was really important for me to make the images as honest as they are, because they’re not perfect. I’m not perfect. And my mother isn’t perfect. ‘I think because the images are sort of about a false reality, the only element of truth I could have is that vulnerability,’ explained Mr Castro, who grew up in California. His mother, who he described as ‘progressive’ despite coming from a religious background, admitted that it took him a while to show her the images. ‘She’s always been super supportive of me and my art, but I [was] sure if she saw them, she’d take one look and say, “Oh my God, my son wants to be a woman.”‘ But after the art student eventually unveiled the photographs, he told MailOnline: ‘Needless to say she is a fan.’ Mr Castro, who explained he was ‘interested in the ways that people feel they need to present themselves in order to feel attractive,’ said he wanted to portray a person’s desire to be sexy or sexual. ‘That was tricky — no one wants to think about their parents being sexual,’ he confessed.  ‘I think that makes people very awkward, but I think it’s one of the strengths of these photographs. To me, this wasn’t about drag. This was about a transformation, about becoming a character — becoming a very specific character to show her human experience.’

Jiminy fuckin Cricket. What in the fuck is going on here? I mean listen believe it or not I’m a progressive guy. You wanna bang dudes, bang dudes. You wanna dress like a chick, dress like a chick. I don’t care about any of that stuff. Different strokes for different folks.

But I draw the line when you’re posing nude as your own goddam mother. Thats some real, real fucked up shit. Dress as a random woman. Fuck, even dress up as your hot cousin. Everyone has a hot cousin. But don’t dress up half naked as your own fucking mother. Especially if you’re fat and gross. Like either this dude’s mom is a wildebeest that looks just like him, or she was actually skinny and attractive and you’re just ruining her reputation since you’re fat and disgusting. Either way you’re kind of blatantly disrespecting her.

But bottom line is this guy is a fucking loony tune. Even the head of like the LGBT community and shit would think he’s a wacko. Dress like a chick, act like a chick, go ahead and turn into a fucking chick. Just don’t pretend to be your own mom posing naked for Playboy.