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Steven Cheah Losing Twice In Connect Four Because He "Couldn't See The (Comically Oversized) Board" Is One Of The All-Time Excuses In Barstool History

Stevey my man…come on now. I love ya. Always have, always will…but come on now. One can’t claim they’re a “Top 5 Connect Four Player In The State” (if they had such rankings, of course), invade a live stream with an oversized Connect Four board, cockily whip out the “Icepick”, get beaten not once – but TWICE – and then use the ol’ “I couldn’t see the board, it was at a weird angle” excuse. This isn’t spending a second full-time job’s worth of effort doing an All-22 on a 4-7 football team and being able to spin what you see into what you want. This is Connect 4. There are rules. And it’s for sure an all-time excuse, and I love it.

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