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Texas Football Has Lost At Least 4 Games Every Year This Decade

You may have missed this, but the Yankees didn't make a World Series this decade. That's the first time that EVER happened in a decade timespan. 

I'm not here to talk about the Yankees being losers. You can go talk to Hubbs/Tommy about that if you want. 

However, I am here to talk to you about the incompetence of Texas football over the past decade:

4 losses. Every single year. For an entire decade. That's unacceptable. No other way to say it if you are Texas. 

Remember when Texas was back? Because they aren't. It's not the coach's fault, though!

When is it time to start calling Tom Herman's job into question? I'm not there yet for Texas. Every loss this year has been within a touchdown. A few breaks go their way, they could be 8-2 (the LSU & Oklahoma loss were within 1 score thanks to garbage time TDs). However, if Tom Herman loses to Baylor this weekend? His seat will certainly be hot heading into the 2020 season. 

What an awful decade for Texas football.