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Myles Garrett Has Been Suspended For A Minimum Of At Least The Rest Of The Regular Season And Playoffs

WOW. There it is. The NFL has made it very clear that they are not okay with players trying to murder each other on the field. The rest of the season and the playoffs is CRAZY in my opinion, but it’s probably going to be a pretty favorable decision in the public eye. Because there’s really no way to dispute any punishment they come up with for this….

I know people were speculating that suspending him for the rest of the season may happen, but I really thought it was going to be 4 games. As a Browns fan I need to complain about the pin the tail on the donkey style of suspensions the NFL hands out. Hitting a woman has been worth 2 games. Deflating a football is worth four games. And retaliating against someone who tries to rip your helmet off is the rest of the season.

The NFL is not messing around with this one:

Did Schefter run out of characters in his tweet? Where is Mason Rudolph’s suspension?

But in all honestly, I think the NFL missed here. They came down hard, but even as a Browns fan, I do not think Maurkice Pouncey should be suspended three games. He just witnessed his quarterback get assaulted with a deadly weapon. What is he supposed to do? Just sit there and watch?

Also, apparently the Browns and Steelers have been fined $250,000 each for how the game ended.


I can’t believe how awful it feels to be a Browns fan the day after beating the Steelers to get back in playoff contention. Love that Roger Goodell felt the need to include “and the playoffs” though. But I’d say it’s gonna be tough for the Browns to finish 10-6 without their best player…