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Blackhawks Take Out A Full Page Ad In The Globe Thanking The City Of Boston




Everybody is ranting and raving about what a classy move this was by the Blackhawks.  I suppose it was.  Granted they probably did the same thing when they beat Philly too and we all know Philly is the worst place on earth.  Bottomline is that it’s easy to be classy when you just won the Stanley Cup.  I’m not gonna start sucking the Hawk’s dicks because of it.  Seriously I feel I’m getting pet on the head or something by my master with this ad.   “Like good dog. Good boy.  Way to be well behaved.  Way to peacefully be cuckholded by us.” Fuck that.  Just leave me alone.  You won fair and square.  Let me wallow in my misery in peace.