Christmas Colors Are Everwhere

Tis the season! I cannot believe it’s already Christmas time. Everything in NYC is red and green. It’s kinda nice, actually. It feels like just yesterday it was 95 degrees at 10am. I’d slog my sweaty self into the office and wipe off with a paper towel. Yes I walk to work, no big deal, I get steps in and then eat like a human dumpster all day. It’s all about give and take, ya know? But as I was saying, NYC is festive as fuck right now. It’s the only time living here is actually nice. The Summers are hot and everything smells like wet garbage. That’s probably because the streets are lined with literally wet, hot garbage. Winter time is freezing. It snows one day and you have black snow slush piled on the streets for the next 4 months. I’d give NYC’s snow/ice removal people .4 balls. One misstep because you’re trying to get a Tweet off while walking on the sidewalk and you’ll be flat on your back on a hard piece of ice in 3 seconds flat. And everyone just gets sick as hell in the Spring. Allergies like you read about. Wind tunnels every which way. But Fall- fall is nice. Christmas trees start going up. The windows get decorated. And every once in a while someone might even hold a door for you. There’s about 3 weeks a year this city is tolerable, savor it.

Anyway, here’s more of that nice young lady. I’d date her. Look at me and my holiday spirit. Shucks. What a softy I am.