Sweet Revenge: Roger Federer Just Absolutely DESTROYED Djokovic At The ATP World Tour Finals

Well well well the old man's still got it. Fed's first win over Novak since 2015. 6 unforced errors against Djoker. God Mode. +205 on the moneyline too. I can't hit a fucking bet to save my life this week, but ole reliable Federer had my back today. God bless that sweet son of a bitch. Onto the semifinals he goes. Home goes Novak. 

Nice little wedding gift for Rafa Nadal from Fed too. By beating Djokovic today that guaranteed Rafa the year end number 1 ranking. 

P.S. In case you're unaware (probably are because I'm the only one who gives a crap about this stuff) this is the big year end tournament with the best players in the world. Throughout the year they earn points from the matches they win and the top 8 meet here in London. Sort of like the Fed Ex Cup for golf. They play a round robin to begin where the top 4 advance. The winner of Federer and Djokovic today went through to the semis. 

Love how happy Fed looked after the match. Such a relief to dominate Djokovic like that after the disaster at Wimbledon months ago and how ugly the US Open ended for him not too long ago.