Walter McCarty Being A Kentucky Legend Makes All Of This An Even Bigger Kick In The Dick

It had to be Walter McCarty to pull off this upset didn't it? The guy is a legend at Kentucky, an absolute legend. I mean, shit, he has the most important part of the intro video that's been played before every home game since I started there in 2005. 

That's what makes this all a bigger kick in the dick. When it's a legend coming back and giving his program the most embarrassing loss in school history you just don't know how to react towards him. I have no ill-will towards McCarty, but I fucking hate seeing him dance around in the locker room. He belongs on the home side, not the visitor, I don't care that he's from Evansville. This is just something that shouldn't happen. Kentucky shouldn't lose to Evansville and Walter McCarty shouldn't be in the visitor's locker room. Fix this. 

This fucking sucks.