No. 1 Kentucky Loses to Evansville at Home and We Are All Laughing


There are losses. There are bad losses. And then there's being No. 1 in the country and losing to Evansville at home as 25-point favorites. I truly don't even know what I can say in this blog that would be funnier than the result of losing to the Evansville Purple Aces. UK made it one whole game at No. 1 before letting it all go to hell.

Calipari didn't even wear a tie for this game. Maybe his team was matching its coach's lack of urgency?

This is just a real shame. You hate to see something so devastating happen to a group of people as good as the fine people of Lexington, Kentucky. And yet, I don't actually hate to see it at all. In fact, I am rather joyous at the moment.

First those poor people had to watch Mark Stoops blow a winnable home game against Tennessee for what would have been just the Wildcats' third win over the Volunteers since 1984 and now this. I can't even imagine what they must be going through.

What a shame.