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Fuck The Kentucky Coaching Staff And This Couple Getting Married At Halftime For Losing To Goddamn Tennessee

Simply put fuck this coaching staff and fuck this couple getting married for ruining this game and my night. It's that simple. Kentucky is rolling in the first half. Then Mark Stoops and staff decide to coach like fucking losers in the first half. You're dominating the game, step on the fucking throat. Prove that you can win in the SEC again or prove that you can be a mediocre coach in the ACC at FSU - either/or. The fact is Stoops and staff ruined this punting in the first half and the shitty play calling in the 2nd half. You have less than 2 yards to go in 2 plays and you throw away one play and run a bullshit fucking option that every person on their goddamn couch saw coming? Be more pathetic. And this couple getting married? Fucking stop making it about you. Realize the time for that and when Kentucky is up you don't fucking ruin the juju. Be a fan one goddamn time. 

It just goes to what I've said multiple times. Stoops has been GREAT for Kentucky. At the same time he's fucked up multiple games throughout his career by not stepping on throats. He has to learn how to do that or get someone on staff how to do that. Eddie Gran isn't that. If Eddie is calling plays, I expect fucking better after a bye week. You have to get 1.5 yards in 2 plays. 

We deserve better than this and we deserve better than these idiots getting married at halftime.