Vincent LeVine Is The Single Most Dangerous Man On The Internet

Before we start I would like to make one thing CRYSTAL clear: Vincent, if you’re reading this I am coming as an ally. I come in peace. I do not want the smoke in any way, shape or form. Because as someone who posts for a living, anyone *this* committed to posting is an internet friend of mine.

Barstool constantly finds itself in the midst of internet wars, sometimes warranted often not. People coming at us from all angles, trying to tear us down. Well on Monday morning the first thing I’m going to do when I get to the office is march right into Dave’s and Erika’s respective offices and demand we hire Vincent LeVine and his bottomless war chest of nuclear memes. Not since Drew Brees signed with the Saints has there been a free agent of this magnitude on the open market with the ability to shift such internet power to one team. Let’s make one thing clear: Vincent is no maniac. He isn’t a troll. He doesn’t abuse the power he has been bestowed with. He is calculated. Cunning. He starts ‘em off with some good memes. An old MacArthur tactic if I’ve ever heard one. Chumming the waters looking for a nibbler. Then, once his target engages, he brings out the heavy duty memes. Like a stealth bomber, once you hear it it’s too late. Boom, you’re dead.

Vincent LeVine is precisely what the internet was made for. Like a baseball card collector hearing of someone in town who stumbled upon a Honus Wagner rookie card I want nothing more than to be allowed a look into Vincent’s hard drive just to get a peak at the arsenal of memes at his disposal. Not all, just a taste of the medium level memes would satiate me. I would consider it both an honor and a privilege to post along side the Hank Aaron of memeing.