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This is an ongoing story so just work with me patiently as updates come out. Right now I have enough to make an important announcement and that is I have decided to throw my hat in the ring on Lake Michigan Water Monster Watch 2019

Fresh off Boat Watch 2019 - I needed more action on the water

Once you get a taste for the high seas, you're hooked (line and sinker)

The chase was on. I needed to know if things were for real.

They were

I'm a little creeped out that he called me Michael despite introducing myself as Carl (first: Michael, middle: Carl, now stop asking). Real sleuth move but also real weird because no one said Michael. No one. 


I'm working on getting a professional camera crew and a captain for a boat to hit the open seas. 

In the meantime I need someone to photoshop a water monster picture for me. That's next step before we set sail. email me something credible please. carl@barstoolsports