I want to thank everyone for participating in Sailboat Watch 2019. From Camera Guy Matt and his investigative reporting with Chicago Maritime Police to all my Metra commuters at Ogilvie stopping by the boat to send me pictures last week. Sailboat Watch is never easy, especially when you and CGM sit down for a real casual 6 breakfast beers at Rossi's because the 1st bridge lift was delayed Saturday morning. The community rallied together though and we were able to get on site before all hell broke loose.

Big shoutout to Lucas for ditching his vessel when he knew it would be too cold to make the journey through another 20 bridge lifts. Even bigger shoutout to the City of Chicago for not giving him a ticket or really assessing any penalties whatsoever. For 4 days that boat was tied to the railing outside an upscale restaurant and for 4 days no one gave a fuck. I now dare you to park on a Logan Square side street just 1- day removed from an expired city sticker for 4 days. That's at least one tow and $800 worth of fines but I digress. 

Point is you can learn some powerful things when you Sailboat Watch. And reminder: that's why we Sailboat Watch in the first place. 

For those of you that have no idea what's going on: 




#4Seriously that was fun. Send me more tips around the city