"It's Not About Them Right Now, It's About Me" - Noted Great Teammate Jimmy Butler Chastises Players Trying To Videobomb His Post-Game Interview

Wow. Last time I checked basketball is a team sport, is it not? I mean sure, Jimmy Butler may have led the way with 34 points in 34 minutes. But are there not 4 other guys out there on the floor with him? Pretty sure if it was just Jimmy Butler vs the Phoenix Suns, he would have lost that game 108-34. But instead of celebrating the win with his teammates, he chastises them for trying to videobomb his interview and sends them to the locker room so he can bask in all the glory by himself?

Just makes you wonder how much time is left on the countdown to when things inevitably explode in Miami. Last time I checked, they were called the Miami Heat and not the Miami Butlers. Even though the Miami Butlers would actually be a pretty kickass team name. You could get some real quality uniforms out of that one. Now that I think about it, I'd actually love for that name change to happen. But until that day comes, Jimmy Butler can't go around saying that it's all about him. Even if he is just joking around and still took the time to give Goran Dragic a shoutout after the game on Instagram.

Seems to me like maybe somebody from PR said that he was being a big ol' dick and that he needed to post this to save face. Tick...tick...tick....